Animal Communication - A Special Connection With Your Pet

Animal Communication helps you and your pet understand each other better than ever. Knowing an animal's point of view can be a great help when dealing with behavioral issues and health problems. It is also a great way to simply strengthen your bond.

Animal Communication is telepathically connecting with another being and communicating with mental images, words, feelings, thoughts, emotions, clear knowing, and even physical sensations. Telepathic communication travels easily across distances, so being physically together is not necessary. Connection with those who have passed on is no different. Their spirits live on and they are happy to give us their attention when asked.

I view my role as an interpreter. I create a loving, open connection for your animal to share their thoughts and feelings. Be open to what you receive. I may negotiate on the persons' behalf, but I always let the animal express their thoughts, ideas, desires, and concerns freely. Rather than simply telling pets to "fix" their problem behaviors I try to present both points of view so owners and animals can come to mutual understandings. Sometimes they are mirroring us and we can learn about things to change within ourselves for the benefit of all. Or, it can be that a simple conversation is all that is needed to make a big change. Often the animals just want to be heard or they may misunderstand their person's intentions and clearing the air solves the problem. Some even suggest ways the person can help them fix their unwanted behavior.

You can ask me to have a general chat with your pet or send your information about issues and questions beforehand. Animals tend to be very straight-forward. If I hear actual words during the communication I like to share them with you even though they may be blunt and need some explanation to translate the animal's intentions. Your feedback can help me clarify what your pet intended to convey if necessary. If something does not resonate with you it may be a simple matter of rewording the phrases I chose to convey the animal's message or I can ask the animal follow-up questions. Just as your own conversations with friends will vary depending on the questions you ask and how you phrase them, so goes the conversations with animals.

In some instances I may also do a body scan to see if I detect specific issues relating to the health of your pet. I am not a vet and do not make any sort of diagnosis. I do this only to alert you to possible problems that you may want to check or discuss with your pet's doctor.

I will not ask animals to relate traumatic events or past abuses unnecessarily as there is no good in having them relive any of that. If an animal wants to tell me some of this as it relates to current issues or because they need to get it out of their system, I will listen, but please do not ask me to dig up old wounds to satisfy your curiosity. Let the past be the past and release your beloved friend to live in the now and move happily into the future.

Ready to get started?

The price is $50.00 per pet.

Email me to schedule your communication. I request a picture of the animal large enough to see easily and showing their eyes. Include their name, sex, age, whether they are living or passed on, how long they have lived with you, who else they live with (people and animals), and any background information that is pertinent to particular questions you would like me to ask. PayPal your payment to to confirm your request.

I then set my time to connect with your pet and email you the details of our communication. My process consists of an initial preparation set-up and greeting with the animal. Then I ask if there is anything the animal wants to convey and ask specific questions put forth by you. If the animal directs the conversation in any way, I let them take it to what ever they think is important.

I may do a body scan and/or invite them into a protected, sacred space where I may share healing energy with them. I call this my cocoon. There is no time limit. I do not rush them. This approach helps with shy animals who eventually open up and tell me they appreciate my patience.

Once complete I email you a description of the conversation. I welcome all of your feedback and follow-up questions if you need clarification or more details. Usually I can answer those questions easily. I may connect with your pet a second time if I feel it is needed. This is especially helpful for shy or defensive animals. They often open up more freely at that point as they feel more comfortable and familiar with me. If there is a need for more extensive information that requires additional communications there may be an additional fee.

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