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Portrait painting of black mixed breed dog, BrisketYellow Lab Brutus Portrait paintingBlack Lab Brody Portrait
Create a tribute to your friend and brighten your home with a lasting memory of your pet's shared joy.

Old Yellow Lab with bandana scarf portrait paintingBlack Labrador portrait painting of FetcherPainting of black chow mix Misty

Portrait painting of cream yellow Labrador JadeYellow Lab portrait of DaveYellow Labrador portrait of Chamois

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The portrait arrived. And we LOVE it! No problems with the shipping, we unpacked it right away and even hung it on our bare walls for a few days. It was in perfect condition. Thanks again, it has been a pleasure! - U.E.

Picture has arrived!!! Electronic pics are no match for the real thing. It is absolutely beautiful. I cannot thank you enough for the effort you put into it. Seems small when you have the talents to accomplish such things, but trust me, it is a very BIG deal to those who can only admire such things of beauty. - M.S.

Jake's picture has certainly exceeded my expectations It looks wonderful and SO much like him. I know Terry will love it! With thanks again for your help with such a perfect gift - M.C.

Amy, once again thank you so much for painting our boy. You got him spot on. When it arrived I was in tears again, my teddybear. It is as if he is back with us. The painting will get a very very special place in our livingroom. - M.H.

I think you have captured Brody wonderfully! It is a painting we will cherish forever! Thank you so much for doing this painting! He is such a great dog and this painting shows how happy he is, which brings us so much joy! It's perfect! Chris loves it! Thank you for everything! - K.D.

I got the portrait painting in the mail -- I love it - Thank you so much! - K.G.

Thank you so much for the portrait of Hobie. I loved my birthday surprise. As soon as I saw a glimpse of the painting I realized it was Hobie. It was the most special birthday gift I've ever received. It is something I will always treasure! It looked so life-like I felt like Hobie was in the room looking at me. You really captured my baby!! Thank you very, very much. - B.S.

You are JUST what I have been looking for! I have been looking to get a canvas painting of my boyfriend’s dog for Christmas. Thanks for your help! You are an AMAZING artist!! - I just got the painting in perfect condition. Thank you so much!!! C.T.

Just wanted to let you know the portrait was a huge hit – Everyone loved it!! - K.G.

Brisket looks fantastic!!!!!!! I LOVE the portrait of Brisket. You really have the eyes down right!!! She is looking at me saying I love you, mom! I also love the background color. You did an terrific job!!! Thank you so much!!! I am so very happy about her portrait! Thank you again!!! I truly love it!!! - B.S.

Amy, from the bottom of my heart I can not thank you enough for this painting that I will treasure for life - S.B.

We are thrilled with how gorgeous she is in the portrait. It is stunning and I'm not exaggerating! It is really terrific. You really captured her personality-the larger than life personality that she has. I wish you knew how much these portraits mean to us! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! - B.S.

Amy you made a wonderful creation. I was touched and brought to tears when I opened my birthday gift. We miss him so much and now he is so present again. Thanks a million times! - J.H.

I wanted to send you a heartfelt thanks for the portrait - I look at it every night and every morning!!! I'll treasure it forever!!! It is so her!! You are soooooo talented!!!! Thank you, thank you!!!! - L.W.

Thank you again for prividing us with such a beautiful portrait of our loving Maggie. You have captured her likeness so are incredible! This will be treasured by our family - thank you! - K.S.

Thank you for the beautiful portrait. It is the nicest gift I have ever received in my life. R.J.

Amy, it looks awesome!!! Thank you so much! You have captured them so well and the background is perfect. - K.C.

It's lovely. You really did a nice job. Thank you so much! It is in it's place of honor beside his custom urn. - N.C.

The paintings arrived today and they are beautiful. Thank you so much for the time and love you put into creating these stunning paintings! I knew that I made the right choice coming to you. - E.A.






Gray tuxedo cat, yellow labrador, calico cat paintings
Black Labrador profile portrait
Black lab portrait painting, butch
2 grey horses, head portrait paintings
Goat with tongue painting
black lab and yellow labrador portraits painting
2 Brittney spaniels portrait

Custom Dog Portraits by Amy Reges
These are a few examples of special Labrador paintings, other breed and mix-breed dog portraits, cat and horse paintings that show my simplified style and variations. Your commissioned artwork will be a family treasure and a unique celebration of the bond you value and share with your pet. Please scroll to see more black Labs and mixes, yellow Labs and chocolate Labrador paintings, cat and horse portraits, and for information on how to commission a portrait of your own.

Black Lab portrait painting Eponine

The above example shows the photo that I used for reference. Good quality photographs of your dog will contribute to the best finished painting. Photos should be fairly close up, in focus, in good light, and preferably taken outside. Always with NO flash.

Brown Thoroughbred horse portrait, headPortrait painting of yellow Labrador Wallace  Chocolate Labrador portrait painting, Scandal

Yellow Labrador Portrait Painting, Lobuff's Turtle DoveBlack Labrador Retriever portrait paintingBay thoroughbred horse head portrait

Yellow Labrador portrait of Jake
Another example of the finished portrait beside the reference photo.

Commissioning a portrait is an exciting experience, much more than simply buying a painting. You will have the opportuinty to work with me in selecting the right photographs, colors and composition to assure your satisfaction with the final painting. I enjoy reading your stories about your pet too, so I get a feel for his or her personality, which helps me capture their spirit in the portrait.

Portraits are painted in acrylic on stretched canvas. Prices vary with size and composition.
A 50% non-refundable deposit confirms your custom order. Shipping and insurance fees are additional. Waiting list and time frame varies. Please plan in advance if you have a special occasion date.

Prices for single pet head and shoulders with simple background:
9 x 12 inches -- $289
11 x 14 inches -- $349
12 x 16 inches -- $399
16 x 20 inches -- $489

These are my standard sizes - more sizes, including square, are available upon request. Additional fees for extra features such as bandanas, toys or detailed background begin at $35 each. Contact me for a quote on specific features in your custom painting. You will receive an email version of your pet's portrait for approval before the painting is finalized. Your satisifaction is very important to me.
Some of these paintings are available as prints, click on a picture for a link to buy.

Email Amy for information about your custom portrait.

Commissioned paintings are for your personal enjoyment only and may not be reproduced or sold in any form. I retain full reproduction copyright on all of my artwork.