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I capture the happy spirit of dogs and pets through fun, colorful paintings, digital designs and my other artwork. In my paintings I like to simplify and abstract elements to express a feeling or moment in time. I love to make a connection with anyone who views my art by touching a shared sentiment.

I am a self-taught artist who has always loved animals. In addition to my relationships with dogs, cats and horses, I had wonderful opportunities to observe wildlife while working as a biologist in Alaska. I love nature and living in the country and I am inspired daily by my Labs, our cat and the beautiful world around me. My artwork embraces the happy feelings in life and the bond we share with our animal friends.

My own dogs are my models and inspiration. I have had dogs most of my life and in 1985 acquired my first purebred - a chocolate Labrador. My beloved little brown dog changed my life. Since then my love for the breed has grown and I have had the pleasure of sharing the subsequent 25+ years with many lovely Labs, including those who were fosters or dogs I rescued that stayed while they needed us then moved on to touch other hearts. I have had great times showing in conformation, obedience and rally; raising and training puppies and sharing my home with the most lovely souls. Life without dogs just wouldn't be as much fun!

OtterTail Lab Art came about in 1987 as a way to pay for my newly acquired "dog show habit". Over the years my art offerings expanded and changed as people asked me for more and different items until it has evolved to where it is today. I had my art booth at Labrador shows from Mass to Wisconsin, NY to NC for many years until my old dogs kept me home. Now you can find my work here and in several galleries on the internet. It has been and continues to be a wonderful journey. My dogs are my world.

Why OtterTail? The written standards of the Labrador Retriever worldwide agree that the Labrador’s tail is one of the distinguishing characteristics of the breed. It should be thick at the base, gradually tapering, medium length, free of feathering, and clothed thickly with short, dense coat, thus giving the ‘rounded’ appearance described as the “otter” tail. OtterTail is the name I chose for my dogs (my "kennel name" or AKC registration name), my home and my art. I love a good twizzle!!

In 2014 I began practicing animal communication. Contact me for information about a communication with your pet.

In addition to my dogs, I love nature and wildlife. To contribute to perserving the beauty of our environment and the well-being of those who share it with us I use primarily non-toxic art materials, my home and studio electricity is 100% wind powered, and all packing materials for shipping your art have had previous experience carrying precious cargo. Look for my "Choose to Reuse" logo on all of my packages. I continue to add green alternatives as my art business evolves.

Enjoy my art created with many different materials and techniques. Thanks for visiting!


4 Labs testing artist Amy Reges

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