Why OtterTails?
The written standards of the Labrador Retriever worldwide agree that the Labrador’s tail is one of the distinguishing characteristics of the breed. It should be thick at the base, gradually tapering, medium length, free of feathering, and clothed thickly with short, dense coat, thus giving the ‘rounded’ appearance described as the “otter” tail.
Buckaroo Head
Roo Diving
Dave head
Birdie head
Eponine head
Leela and Roo Swimming
Brutus head
Oberon head

Tegan head

Leela with Christmas wreath
Bonnie Head - black labrador
Yellow Labrador boy OtterTail Marius
Holly head snow
Holly - the original
(with snow on her nose)
Gwendolyn head - black lab
Tallulah head
Calico cat Helen
Helen - the cat who moved in

It's a dog's life ...
Marius on couch Brutus on couch

Fun Times at OtterTail Farm
Leela fishing
Leela - my logo model
Happy Fishing, Mud!
Amy and labs at lake
Playing at the lake
Roo Sunbathing paws crossed
Sunbathing on the deck
Black Labrador male Butch
Butch joined us as
a 6-yr old in need
Eponine and Obi head tilt
Eponine and Obi cock their heads on cue
"What do you think?"
Holly and Leela Friends
Surveying the Queendom
Marius puppy with ball
Playing with toys
Birdie with 3 bones
Clearly 3 bones ARE better than 1
Brutus snorkeling
Snorkeling in the pond
Eponine sincere
Labs are the most sincere
7 Labs May 2000
Posing with your best buds
Young Roo profile
Ready for anything
Amy and Roo winning at MJLRC
Winning in obedience
Tallulah diving
Retrieving with gusto
Amy being Lab tested
"Lab Testing" Mom -- She's approved!
Puppies at Fort Labrador
Fort Labrador - one of many. All had "BAD DOGS KEEP OUT" signs. It worked - all of my dogs are good dogs!
3 dogs sleep on couch
Snuggling on the couch

Spot selling bones
My Top Salesman
Selling Bones at Fort Labrador

OtterTail Lab Art
to shop for original Labrador artwork inspired by these happy Labs.

Labrador Retriever Paintings & Prints

OtterTail pond view
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Artwork, photographs and designs are original creations by Amy Reges and my not be used for any purpose without written permission. Copyright protected all rights reserved.

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chocolate Labrador girl Lobuff OtterTail Noble Nissa, RE, CD
Black Lab puppy, Tonto, 5 months old
See some of my dogs and puppies I have trained for myself and others on YouTube at LabradorDogs
OtterTail Labrador Retrievers Past and Present
My life with Labradors began in 1985 with the purchase of my first purebred puppy. In 1986 we added a second puppy, chose the kennel name "OtterTail", and I got involved in dog shows, obedience trials and fell in love with everything Labrador. My first litter was born in 1988 and most of the Labs pictured here were bred, trained and shown by me. Most hold AKC titles. I no longer breed dogs, but continue to cherish and enjoy them. They are our family and best friends. In 1987 my dogs inspired me to start making OtterTail Lab Art and that has lead to many new advertures. My Labs are my models for painting and sculpting and fill me with creative ideas. Along the way I began rescuing Labs in need and now also volunteer as a foster home for Lab rescue. All of our dogs are well-mannered house pets - or learn to be if they are rescues. My husband and I, our Labs and cat share 10 acres with a pond in a beautiful country setting. It is a fun place to be a dog!