Trooper's Plaque

Cast in statuary hydrostone and hand-painted resulting in unique color variations.
Available in black, yellow or chocolate Lab, ready to hang. 5 1/4 x 6".
Wording: (front) For Friends Who Touch Our Lives and Bring Us Joy
(back) We will always be grateful

Sculptures No Longer Available - Effective 1 Jan 2010 - Indefinately


OtterTail Trooper photo of black Lab, copyright C. Decker 1997 This sculpture was created in loving memory of OtterTail Trooper - a wonderful young Lab who brought joy to his family and friends. They walked and played by the stream in the woods near his home. He was taken by cancer much before his time, but not before filling his world with that special light that glows in the Labrador spirit. Trooper will be rememberd for his happy Lab soul that touched someone's life. This plaque and the dedication cast into the side of each one is a tribute to him - and to all the wonderful Labs who bring joy to people who are willing to let the light in.