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Testimonials - Thank you all for your kind words!!


The portrait arrived. And we LOVE it! No problems with the shipping, we unpacked it right away and even hung it on our bare walls for a few days. It was in perfect condition. Thanks again, it has been a pleasure! - U.E.

Picture has arrived!!! Electronic pics are no match for the real thing. It is absolutely beautiful. I cannot thank you enough for the effort you put into it. Seems small when you have the talents to accomplish such things, but trust me, it is a very BIG deal to those who can only admire such things of beauty. - M.S.

Jake's picture has certainly exceeded my expectations It looks wonderful and SO much like him. I know Terry will love it! With thanks again for your help with such a perfect gift - M.C.

I think you have captured Brody wonderfully! It is a painting we will cherish forever! Thank you so much for doing this painting! He is such a great dog and this painting shows how happy he is, which brings us so much joy! It's perfect! Chris loves it! Thank you for everything! - K.D.

I got the portrait painting in the mail -- I love it - Thank you so much! - K.G.

Thank you so much for the portrait of Hobie. I loved my birthday surprise. As soon as I saw a glimpse of the painting I realized it was Hobie. It was the most special birthday gift I've ever received. It is something I will always treasure! It looked so life-like I felt like Hobie was in the room looking at me. You really captured my baby!! Thank you very, very much. - B.S.

You are JUST what I have been looking for! I have been looking to get a canvas painting of my boyfriend’s dog for Christmas. Thanks for your help! You are an AMAZING artist!! - I just got the painting in perfect condition. Thank you so much!!! - C.T.

Just wanted to let you know the portrait was a huge hit – Everyone loved it!! - K.G.

Amy you made a wonderful creation. I was touched and brought to tears when I opened my birthday gift. We miss him so much and now he is so present again. Thanks a million times! - J.H.

I wanted to send you a heartfelt thanks for the portrait - I look at it every night and every morning!!! I'll treasure it forever!!! It is so her!! You are soooooo talented!!!! Thank you, thank you!!!! - L.W.

Brisket looks fantastic!!!!!!! I LOVE the portrait of Brisket. You really have the eyes down right!!! She is looking at me saying I love you, mom! I also love the background color. You did an terrific job!!! Thank you so much!!! I am so very happy about her portrait! Thank you again!!! I truly love it!!! - B.S.

Amy, from the bottom of my heart I can not thank you enough for this painting that I will treasure for life - S.B.

We are thrilled with how gorgeous she is in the portrait. It is stunning and I'm not exaggerating! It is really terrific. You really captured her personality-the larger than life personality that she has. I wish you knew how much these portraits mean to us! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! - B.S.

It is so lovely!! It made me cry. It is as if Wallace is "back" with us again. - M.H.

Thank you! We love it!! - S.B.

Hand-painted Silk Scarves:

Amy, my mom loved the scarf. Just raved. Many thanks - C.R.

The scarf arrived today, and it's lovely. Thanks! - C.M.

Got the scarves! oh my god how perfect the 9-11 one was!! They are all beautiful, Have already had people ask me about where I got them. Thank you so much!!!! -- J.G.

I received the package today. They look even better in person! :) Thanks so much - T.L.

I wanted to tell you that my mom LOVED the scarves. She said that the photos on your website don’t do them justice. She thinks they are so beautiful! Thank you so much! - B.D.

It arrived and is just beautiful. !!!!!!!! - J.S.

Thank you again for making this lovely gift for a very special person. - A.K.

I fnally got home and picked up the scarf. It is just beautiful- I cried I can't tell you how much it means to me. It is just perfect- R.D.

I got the scarves yesterday. They are beautiful! Thank you so very much. - M.J.

I wore my scarf the last time I judged at a dog show and got many complements. - SP

I LOVE mine! - EA

Original Paintings, Prints, Printed Products and Custom Art:

Received "Being There 2" and am equally thrilled with it...while the photo online is good, the colors and texture are great! - S.S.

I got my original painting!!! Even more wonderful in person! - M.W.

I just purchased one of your prints (A Head Pillow is Nice) and I just wanted you to know how much I love it. I am a big fan of dog art and I was looking for something soothing to hang above our bed and after looking over hundreds of prints I was just drawn to it. - D.B.

I work at a small college - one of our students who is legally blind was able to get a black lab guide dog a year or
so ago and it has made a world of difference in her life - so, last evening while looking at your site I fell in love
with the picture "Together" and ordered it for her as a graduation gift. You have captured their spirt and compassion so much in your work. - J.D.

....and the pillow is absolutely ADORABLE!!! I cannot thank you enough, Amy! You are a very gifted craftswoman and artist. My friend should LOVE the beautiful pillow! - A.H.

I've fallen in love with your print "Together" ...Thanks so much for helping me find the perfect print! - B.C.

The tile boxes are AWESOME! Especially Cave Dog!!! I LOVE that dog and will definitely use it again. Love what you did with it! - S.P. (custom order for dog show trophies)

We just wanted to let you know how much we absolutely love your beautiful art. A friend of ours told us about the "It's Nice to Have a Pillow" print because she thought he looked just like our yellow lab mix. When I looked at it, I had to pause for a moment because it truly took my breath away. When I showed it to my husband, he felt the same way. We ordered it immediately and are thrilled with it. - M.L.

Bib came absolutley awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - J.F.

Brilliant Amy! Thank you so much. I will be doing quite a bit of shopping at your shop tomorrow :-)
You have really captured the Toller well, especially the expression, which a lot of artists miss. It’s all there, the pink nose, the white markings, the feathering. I think it’s amazing that you manage to capture the breed so well, and yet still keep the image nice and simple. That’s the kind of art that I love. - K.B.



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